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How Our Tutors Make Your Child Love Learning

How Our Tutors Make Your Child Love Learning

If you ask any child about school, most of the time, they will have a less than ideal answer for you. It’s no big secret that most children do not like school and without a doubt hate attending. There are several reasons why a kid would hate school, and you may even notice that most of their answers would be similar. Have you ever wondered why your child or any child would hate school? There must be some logical reason for their feelings towards school, right? 

It doesn’t make sense when by nature, children are curious. So, it’s rightly baffling that they lose interest when sent to school where that love of learning is meant to be fostered. This article will highlight the popular reasons why kids hate school and how our tutors make your child love learning.

Difficulty Learning the Basics

One of the many concerns a child has is being held back from others despite their best efforts. That fear of not being as good as the others could be what’s holding your child back. The sad truth is that most children feel that learning is not for them. Or even worse, that they lack intelligence when they struggle with a subject at school. Their confidence in believing that they can achieve their academic (and other goals) diminishes. There are numerous responses to this kind of behaviour, but the most popular being not asking for help as they accept their imagined fate.

Many students struggle to master their ever-advancing schoolwork, and most of that is because they had not fully grasped the basics in their earlier years. Hiring a private tutor from Good Tutors Finder will ensure that your child will not be one of those students who gets left behind. Subjects that were once difficult will gradually become easier to grasp concepts for your child as they follow along in class. With time their grades will improve progressively as they understand more advanced material due to their strong educational foundation.

Obstacles in Their Learning

You must figure out what problems your child is facing so that you might resolve the issue. Perhaps their weak eyesight prevented them from understanding the subject. Maybe it’s their learning style that hinders them from fully grasping the concept like the other children. No matter the reason, in the end, they end up frustrated and make excuses for not wanting to go to school and face the other students and teachers.

One of the biggest problems is that teachers cannot cater to every student’s learning needs, especially when there are thirty-plus students they need to think about. A lot of tutors are adept in tailoring their teaching style to accommodate your child’s learning style. This is most effective in the one-to-one sessions where the tutor’s focus is solely on your child.

Insecure About Discussing Their Weaknesses

We all were students once, so we all know the nerve-wracking experience of asking a question we know our peers will view as “dumb”. Although we say to kids that no question is a “dumb” question, students often have a hard time believing it’s true when whispers and giggles are going on around them. The fact of the matter is some children are too shy and sometimes find it embarrassing to raise their concerns in class.

No matter how badly they need clarification, their fear of vocalising their doubts in front of their peers will win.  A one-to-one session with a private tutor provides a safe environment where your child can feel secure enough, to be honest about where they are struggling and need more attention. In addition, tutoring can make them feel confident in the subject, thus boosting their self-esteem when asking difficult questions in class.


One of the most popular reasons for children not liking school is that they feel they don’t have any friends. Kids love to be wherever their friends are, even if they don’t like the place. At least then they can complain and laugh about it with their friends. The feeling of loneliness by having no friends could prompt their need to fake an illness or find other creative excuses for not going to school. 

For shy children and even teens, small tutoring groups can create an opportunity to practice sharing their thoughts in a safe and controlled environment. Without having many eyes on them, timid students will begin to take small risks in socialising with children their age, eventually becoming more comfortable sharing their opinions consistently and confidently. 

This confidence is essential to their future success in the workplace and university. Many classes at university are discussion-based and require students to be more involved in some form of public speaking or collaborative discussion. Students who can effectively express their ideas and offer feedback to others will be able to achieve more.

Exam Results

This common fear in children lies within the outcome of how they performed in their exams. The pressure of whether or not they achieved acceptable grades can make them nervous and depressed, especially in the face of results day. Instead of building excitement to see how well they have improved from their hard work, it’s replaced with fear. It’s not their fault. It’s the unfortunate system society has been established in our community. It’s viewed that if they do not get good grades, it is a sign of a lack of intelligence. Without a doubt, a tutor’s job is to monitor your child’s academic progression and improve their exam results. In addition, many parents are opting for tutors to help build their child’s self-confidence by reducing their anxiety when it comes to exams.


No matter your child’s reason for disliking school, our tutors can make your child love learning. A good tutor excels in assisting them in challenging subjects, reassuring them that their intelligence is nothing to be ashamed of. Tutors can be a figurehead of education without being condescending and intimidating. With time and effort from yourself, your child, and your tutor, ideal results can be achieved.

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