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Book a Summer Holiday Tutor

Whenever a school break is fast approaching, it is likely that your kids are becoming giddy with excitement. However, you may see this free time during term breaks as a perfect opportunity to give your children that extra bit of help by booking a summer holiday tutor.

While it is always difficult to decide what is best for your kids, this blog article looks to give you a little help in making your decision.

Allow time for Rest!

It’s important to remember before the start of school breaks that your kids will need lots of rest and are likely exhausted from the school term. Many studies have shown that rest is just as important as studying when it comes to learning new things.

The benefits of breaks both in and outside of the classroom have been shown to have ample positive effects. These include:

Reduction of Stress, Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that our brains aren’t idle when we are taking breaks. In fact, they are taking this time to process information and form memories. In fact, when looking at MRI scans of the resting brain, it showed a number of areas of the brain being highly active.

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Boosting Brain Function

Did you know doing physical activity has been shown to help increase brain function? This is as it increases the blood flow and oxygenation to your brain.

The summer break is a great time for your kids to do their favourite sports freely anytime of the day! Your kids doing exercise will not only keep them healthy physically but will increase their attention span, memory, cognitive function, and enhance their mood.

Developing Social Skills

During holiday breaks it is likely that your kids will want to go socialise with their school friends. Studies have shown that playtime and playdates can help kids develop social skills, such as problem solving and conflict resolution.

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Make It Easy by Booking a Summer Holiday Tutor!

While rest is important you may still find that your children really could use some extra help when it comes to their school life. In this case it can be suggested that you find a summer holiday tutor as an extra help for your child to keep learning while on break.

Here are a couple tips you can use, to make sure you find the middle ground between useful and excessive tutoring during term breaks.

Allow your children to rest

For all the reasons mentioned above, giving your kids some days to rest during term breaks is vital. Making sure that you have clear work days and rest days will allow your children to enjoy their time off, but also be productive on days with their summer holiday tutor.

Find a compromise

To make sure that both you and your kids get what they want during the holidays it may be useful to create a system where you are both happy. For example, you may have the summer holiday tutor arrive during the afternoon to allow your children to sleep in during the morning.

Keep it fun

Talk to your summer holiday tutor about what you can do to make the tutoring sessions over the holidays more exciting for your kids. Around a certain holiday why not have them do Maths exercises involving items from the upcoming festivities. This way you can get your tutoring done, while keeping your kids happy!

Keep it educational, but FUN!

Whether you choose to book a summer holiday tutor for your kids over school breaks or not there are also some other activities you can do to help make the most of your free time with your children..

Here are just a few we love:

Read a book as a family

A fun way to keep your kids’ brains stimulated would be to have the family read a book together over term breaks. Why not switch off your TV, make the most of your family time, and read a thrilling or hilarious book together!

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Refine Essential Skills

Even if your kids are not studying over the holidays, you can give them fun little tasks to make sure their essential skills such as their mental maths is up to scratch. As we know, one of the most important parts of absorbing knowledge is repetition. You could go on a walk together, and test your child on their times tables to pass the time.

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Catch up on missed schoolwork

Even if your children don’t need to improve any of their grades over the holidays, making sure they return to school fully prepared is important. If they missed any days of school, school breaks are a great time to make sure they are all caught up.

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